For a Whiter Smile, Massage These Foods On Your Teeth

Pearly white teeth are hard to keep as an adult. You may use a toothpaste that has teeth whitening ingredients and brush diligently, but sometimes your teeth just can't keep up with your lifestyle. From what you eat to what you drink, all that hard work you put into cleaning often and well seems wasted. But if you're sick of depending on your toothpaste, then you ought to try out some home remedies that you can use to massage your teeth and gums with.


Because strawberries are naturally acidic, they work as a whitening agent for your teeth.

Banana Peels

Rich in potassium and magnesium, both of these properties are great for the overall health of your teeth, and can aid in making your smile shine.


Chewing on basil can both aid in whitening your teeth as well as get rid of bad breath due to its natural antibiotics.


This fruit is great to massage your teeth with. This is because it contains enzymes called bromelain which is a natural teeth stain remover.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away they say. And furthermore, green apples whiten your teeth, since they have Malic acid which aids teeth whitening. Have you tried using any of these to whiten your teeth before? Source: Boldsky  

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