Forget Ice! 16 Amazing Ways To Use Your Ice Cube Tray

What is the point of having a kitchen utensil that only does one thing? Why should your ice cube tray be any exception? Forgot boring, plain ice. Follow these 16 ideas to achieve full kitchen glory: 1. Preserve your herbs in olive oil instead of having them go to waste.  2. Don't like to dip your strawberries? Line the tray with oil, pour the chocolate and place the strawberries inside.  3. Fancy up your chocolate milk but making chocolate cubes you can then add to vanilla milk. Yum.  4. Ice cubes water everything down. Make coffee and put it in the tray. You can then add it to anything you want. Think about it, no more watered down iced coffee! 5. Haven't yet mastered the art of sushi? Make bite sized portions in your ice cube tray! 6. Isn't it always the way? You buy buttermilk for your special pancakes but never use the whole carton. Why waste it? Ice cube tray the left overs and you're good to go whenever! 7. Peanut butter cups. Need I say more? 8. If you end up with left over wine (hey, it can happen), turn it into ice cubes to add to mixed drinks or for cooking.  9. Are you craving pesto pasta but don't really want to make the pesto? You wouldn't have to worry about it if you had pesto cubes. Next time you make a pesto, freeze some! 10. If you have left over chicken or vegetable stock, cube it. It will then be all set to add to your favourte dishes.  11. Blueberry martini jello shots. Enough said.  12. Bite sized chocolate cheesecakes. Just try not to eat them all. 13. Make your own baby food. Freeze it, then thaw as you need it. Cheaper in the end and you can skip the preservatives.  14. Make small little portions of tomato sauce. You can add it to your pasta or any other dish. They are super easy to microwave.  15. Mini popsicles! 16. Portion controlled cookie dough! This is perfect for those time you want a cookie but don't want to make (and eat) an entire batch. Pop one out, bake it up! Do you have a creative way of using your ice cube trays? Share your ideas with us in a comment!

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