Forget Your Fitness Wristband--This One is Made to Swallow

We've all seen people wearing fitness bands, including the Jawbone, the Nike FuelFit, the Garmin VivoWatch, or even the Apple Watch. These fitness bands make it easy for you to track your exercise and energy output through the day, and they're a handy addition to your workout routine. But one company is taking things to the next level… Jawbone recently announced that they will be designing a fitness tracker, but not one to be worn on the wrist. No, this fitness tracker will be SWALLOWED! The idea behind this new method of tracking fitness is to circumvent our natural forgetfulness. Roughly 20% of the US population owns a fitness tracking device, but less than half those people actually use it. By creating an ingestible tracker, Jawbone ensures you never have to worry about forgetting your tracker again. There will be two types of trackers designed:
  1. The "passing through" tracker. These measure your digestion, oxygen levels, heart rate, and more, all in the amount of time it takes to pass through your system.
  2. The "indefinite" tracker. These trackers will be designed to live in your bloodstream, offering long term tracking of not just fitness metrics, but also other things like hunger, blood alcohol levels, gut bacteria composition, and the list goes on.
It sounds a bit far-fetched, but it's actually a lot more realistic than you'd believe! The FDA has already approved two different ingestible sensors--the PillCam COLON (colonoscopy device) and the Proteus Ingestible Sensor (a medicine usage monitor). It's not hard to believe that a fitness tracker could be added to this list in the very near future… Would you ingest a fitness tracker? What are your thoughts on this new fitness tracker trend? Source: Shape  

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