Former anorexic beats the disease to become curvy lingerie model

A woman who beat anorexia to become the face of a curvy lingerie brand has stripped off for a naked photo shoot. Alice Jackson, 26, from the Brundall region of Norwich, has posed completely nude for a national magazine, showing just how far she's come since she was in the grip of the eating disorder. 'Doing the shoot is something I never could have done when I was suffering from anorexia. I used to be at war with my body and not like who I was,' says Alice, who features in the December issue of Cosmopolitan.
Alice has posed completely naked for a national magazine after beating anorexia and becoming a model
Alice, a fashion researcher based in London, was not always so confident with her body. She developed anorexia during her first year of university. She suffered from depression shortly after beginning her retail course at Bournemouth University in 2006 and became obsessed with her weight. She would go running for up to two hours every day, eating just a handful of lettuce leaves at night. 'My New Year’s resolution after my first term was to go on a diet, and I lost 40lbs. I felt in control of my body - when in fact I became dangerously underweight for my 5ft 9ins frame.
'I had cut out whole food groups, and all I could think about were calories and exercise. I was exhausted, and knew I had a serious problem, but was so depressed I didn’t care if I died.
Alice Jackson pictured in 2007, when her life was controlled by counting calories and long running sessions
'By the time I saw a doctor – after my parents saw how thin I’d become – I was 108 lbs and a size 6-8. Her weight plummeted from 137 lbs to a dangerously low 108 lbs in just three months - considerably lower than the recommended healthy weight for her 5ft 9" frame - and she shrunk to a size six dress size. Alice finally decided to get help after her parents told her she was too thin when she returned home to Norwich in June 2006. Her university GP referred her to a hospital who confirmed she was anorexic, and she spent a year receiving counselling with the Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association (SWEDA), eventually getting back to a healthy weight. 'I had weekly weigh-ins, and gradually put on a pound a week. Eventually, I reached a healthy goal weight of 9st 7lbs. And finally, with boobs and a bum, I started feeling comfortable with being a woman. 'So many women are trying to fit an ideal, but everyone has their natural size.  Some of us are meant to be a size 8, and some aren’t - who you are inside is so much more important than a dress size.'
Alice says was controlled by not eating so her weight went down pretty rapidly
'It spiralled into cutting down my food and over-exercising, and before I knew it I was eating very little. I was controlled by not eating so my weight went down pretty rapidly. I didn't feel well, I felt really ill and had no energy because I was eating so little and starving myself and over-exercising so running on empty. That was a really difficult summer. It's a horrible thing to be trapped in your thoughts about food and weight. I felt really really depressed and I didn't care if I died, I just felt awful, all I could think about was food and calories.' At the hospital doctors told Alice she would only feel better if she began eating properly, so Alice took their advice and started taking better care of herself, reaching a healthy weight by the end of her second year of university. She said: 'By the end I had got to a healthy weight. I was still slim but I wasn't controlled by calories. My weight has gone up gradually but I'm now 11 stones. I feel happy with myself, my body feels like it's at its natural shape.
Alice's friends entered her into Curvy Kate's annual lingerie competition, she was surprised to be shortlistedAlice's friends entered her into Curvy Kate's annual lingerie competition, she was surprised to be shortlisted
'When I was anorexic I used to lie in bed and could feel all my bones. It was just a really horrible time to be so trapped, I thought I would never get better. I didn't eat chocolate at all and never had bread either. But I love chocolate now, it's my favourite thing to have as a treat. 'I am confident in my body and being healthy and I think it's really important women don't keep feeling dissatisfied with themselves because people tell them to lose half a pound. I'm happy to be curvy and I'm proud to be curvy - and I think that's important.'
Now the Curvy Kate ambassador has a 30FF bust and poses nude for Cosmopolitan
Now the Curvy Kate ambassador goes one step further with an incredible nude photoshoot showcasing her fabulous new figure.
'When I was asked by Curvy Kate if I wanted to be put forward to Cosmo I thought, 'why not', it would be an amazing experience.'
'The team were all fantastic and made me feel very at ease. It was an honour to work with such professionals and it was a real treat to have my hair and make-up done.  I came out of the shoot feeling super happy and body confident.' o-ANOREXIC-PLUSSIZE-MODEL-570  

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