Former Gymnasts Create Killer Core Workout For Justin Bieber's "Sorry" (Video)

If there is one thing we can get behind, it is a creative and fun workout that incorporates our favourite songs from our workout playlist! Lucky for us, former competitive gymnasts, Allison and Alexis, have done just that!

The pair, who are gymnastics coaches and workout buddies, wanted to create something that would motivate their friends and gymnasts to improve their core strength. Allison is the owner of AMG Fitness Upland, California and they both have bachelor's degrees in kinesiology. Add these factors to the expressed preferences of their friends to have quality home workouts and voila, you get this marvellous routine!

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It is no secret that gymnasts are not only incredibly lean, but incredibly strong. It only makes sense to incorporate some of their conditioning and movements in our routines!

Have a look at the video, crank up the volume and follow along!

These ladies have started the YouTube channel, "Alexis and Allison's Fitness Channel" and promise more workouts in the future! We can't wait!

Is this something you could see working into your exercise regimen?

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