Former Model Begs Surgeons To Remove Her DD BREAST IMPLANTS from Her Butt

Okay - so this E! reality series Botched is a total guilty pleasure. That's why when we saw former model, Jana Stoner, from Garden Grove, California's story, we couldn't help but(t) share.

The ex-model has DD size breast implants in her butt. Yes, we said breast implants. This botched job happened in Mexico - but hey - girl can twerk.

Surgeon Dr. Dubrow says

"Jana’s butt implants are so big that when she twerks her buttock implants twerk independently of herself....They have their own zip code."

Scroll down for video  

Trying to understand: On tonight's episode of E! show Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow (left) and Paul Nassif (far left) are amazed that Jana can move each implant individually with her muscles  
Side effect: Dr Dubrow notes that Jana's buttock implants are so massive that they 'twerk independently'
Mind blowing consultation: Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif can be seen taking a closer look at Jana's behind 
Big squeeze: The doctors agree that Jana's implants feel like silicone breast implants 
Family ties: Dr Dubrow also encourages Jana's grandmother to twerk her own behind during Jana's the consulation
H/T: Daily Mail

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