Former Sports Illustrated Cover Model Cheryl Tiegs Slams Ashley Graham's Swimsuit Issue Cover

The majority of people in the fashion industry (and the world in general) are thrilled by Sports Illustrated's inclusion of plus size model Ashley Graham on the cover of their iconic Swimsuit Issue. This is a first for the magazine and people are rightfully celebrating. Cheryl Tiegs, however, is here to rain on this body positive parade. At an event in New York, Tiegs spoke with E!News and had pretty much nothing nice to say. Tiegs, who graced the cover of the Swimsuit Issue several times over the course of the '70s and '80s, said, "I don't like that we're talking about full-figured women." si-ashley-graham-435x580 Tiegs wasn't finished. "I don't think it's healthy. Her face is beautiful. Beautiful. But I don't think it's healthy in the long run," she said. "It's glamorizing [plus-size women]." And while we would love to tell you that that was all she had to say on the subject, it wasn't. She added, "because your waist should be smaller than 35 [inches]. That's what  Dr. Oz  said, and I'm sticking to it." [bctt tweet="Former Sports Illustrated Cover Model Cheryl Tiegs Slams Ashley Graham's Swimsuit Issue Cover"] gallery-1456426685-si-83-435 While there are general guidelines for determining one's health, and waist circumference is one of them, it isn't right for Tiegs to assume that full-figured women are unhealthy. Not all full-figured women are unhealthy just as not all thin women are healthy. This cover does not glamorize plus-size women. This cover does what all Swimsuit Issue covers have done -- it glamorizes a woman in a swimsuit. As Graham pointed out on the Ellen Show, "plus size starts at a size 8 and it goes up to a size 16/18. So the majority of this room is considered plus size... [and] That's the problem. We're telling women that they're plus size. For me, I just like to call it curva-sexalicious." If you are "curva-sexalicious," own it! But if you do feel like you are bordering on poor health and would like to make a shift in your eating habits, the BodyRock Meal Plan may be just the thing for you! The plans cover all diets, meat eater to vegan, and comes with 30 days of healthy meals and snacks that are both satisfying and delicious. We'll give you the weekly grocery lists so all you have to do is grab the ingredients and follow along. Easy as can be! What are your thoughts on this story? Does Tiegs have a point or is she totally out of line? Leave us a comment! Source: Cosmopolitan    

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