"We Found Love In a Hopeless Place" 4 Unlikely Places People Found The One

Where do you envision finding the one, the love of your life? Perhaps you're at a nightclub, and as you graze the dance floor your favourite song comes on and the guy of your dreams stops to stare at your enigmatic beauty. You dance the night away and embark on the city, hand in hand, to find the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. ar Or, you know, you're at Whole Foods in the cereal aisle. Here are 4 unlikely, unwitting places women have found the one. #1 Hotel Lobby Bars Hotel lobbies may not initially conjure up the romance vibe. But what's sexy about hotel lobbies (I have never said those words together, ever), is that they are a great place to meet travellers. Meeting a cultured man at a hotel bar who is traveling is a great story starter. Put on a sultry, bodycon dress and some stunning stilettos and walk up to man with a martini in hand. Your opening line: "So, what brings you to town?" #2 Comedy Clubs The intimacy of a comedy club makes it a great place to meet your match. Shared humour creates an instant bond between two people and this is an easy environment to break the ice in. Check out your local comedy venue for a fun, free open mic night or hit up an amateur hour. The performers may be a huge hit or painstakingly awful, but the atmosphere will be relaxed so it's easy to start up a convo with a hot guy. #3 Charity Events Charity events don't always mean upscale galas, so don't go dish out cash on a ball gown! A lot of local charities throw fun, low cost events for raising funds. They usually have a creative theme (like country and western night) along with food and drinks. You will get to mingle with like-minded, intelligent, socially conscious men who like helping out and having fun. #4 High-End Grocery Stores Yes, stores like Whole Foods are premium places to get flirty. Men who shop at high-end stores have high-end, sophisticated and cultured tastes in food. Chances are if he's picking fresh caught salmon and exotic nut butters, he knows how to cook. There's something sexual and sensual about food, so it makes a perfect venue to strike up a conversation. Ask him his advice on a seasoning, or a wine pairing. It may not be your fantasy meet-up, but these spots will a selection of hot, young, intellectual men to your finger tips. What unlikely venues have you found romance? Share your story with us.

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