Freakin' Full Body Explosion Workout

Hey Bodyrockers!
So I hope you guys of been enjoying all my posts and pictures on both Instagram & Facebook and on I've been receiving a lot of emails and questions regarding health and fitness and even motivational requests from you guys first off,  I really, really appreciate it. Second off I am going to answer these questions & emails but I will be doing it with a video blog in the very near future. So I'm going to startposting video blogs of myself answering your questions. So if you have any additional questions or comments or want me to elaborate on something please feel free to hit me up let me know... at the end of the day it's all about you guys in making sure you guys get to your next level of fitness on both the physical and mental parts of yourself.
Okay, so this blog is called the Freakin Full Body Explosion Workout with yours truly ha ha.
Now with this workout is going to be very intense and if you do it correctly you should feel a pretty good burn in a very good pump... it's a full body workout and we're going to do three rounds.
You're gonna start off with whatever fit best for your level of actisim... At the end of the day I just want you to do each excersise right with the right range of motion...beginners do 20 of everything for intermediate do 30 of everything in for those pros let's kick it up a notch into 40 of everything.  Now, the object of this is doing each exercise without any breaks so, you're going to go from one exercise to the next to the next to the next without letting go of the weights. only 30-60 second AFTER you completed the full round. You're going to start off with...

Beginners: 20 Reps

Intermediate: 30 Reps

Advanced: 40 Reps


- 3 rounds -


1) Standing curls


2) Shoulder press with a sumo squat at the same time


3)  Front lateral shoulder extension


4) Push-ups


5) Mountain climbers crisscross


Standing Curls

 Karim1 (2 of 21)  Karim1 (3 of 21) Karim1 (4 of 21) - Copy  Karim1 (5 of 21) - Copy  Karim1 (6 of 21) - Copy

Shoulder Press + Sumo Squat

Karim1 (7 of 21) - Copy

Karim1 (10 of 21)

  Karim1 (9 of 21) - Copy

Front Lateral Raise

  Karim1 (11 of 21)

Karim1 (14 of 21) Karim1 (2 of 21) - Copy

Push Ups

Karim1 (15 of 21) Karim1 (16 of 21)

Mountain Climber Criss Cross

Karim1 (17 of 21) Karim1 (18 of 21) Karim1 (19 of 21) Karim1 (20 of 21) Karim1 (21 of 21)

Well guys I hope you felt the burn like I did when I shot these photos for you... if not... you better step it up do more haha. Just remember for any exercise that we give you here on you can either change the time length to make it a more competitive workout or change your reps.
Thank you again for all the love and support I truly truly truly truly truly appreciate you all... So till next time my fellow Bodyrockers have a kick ass day.
Smile & breathe

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