Free Boob Job! Chest Exercises?

Is it true that working out and doing certain exercises can really give you a non-surgical breast lift? My personal trainer was telling me that he can show me certain chest exercises that make my cleavage higher and my boobs perkier. If this is the case woman can save thousands of dollars each year just by working out? One of the reasons many woman don’t work out the chest as much as they should or at all is because we were all told this myth about how if you work your chest your boobs will get smaller. Turns out this is actually a lie and the opposite is true. Your breasts are made out of fat tissue so it makes sense that we think we would lose them by doing chest exercises but actually the only time they can get smaller is when doing an extreme amount of cardio, because cardio targets fat. With chest exercises you are working the chest muscle which will make your boobs look bigger and perkier. Your breasts will become firmer too but not too muscular, that is something women worry about as well, over working the chest to get that manly look. You don’t need to worry about that either, because regular chest exercises are just going to make you look like more of a woman with perkier, bigger boobs. Here are a few exercises that you should start adding to your fitness routine and remember chest is like any other muscle group it shouldn’t be trained every day. To start do three sets of each exercise 15 or 20 reps depending on how heavy the weight is you are lifting. 1. Push-ups I know push-ups are old school but they work and that is why they are in almost every workout I have ever done. Push-ups target those muscles under the breasts that are so important to work. 2. Bench press with dumbbells This exercise will target those chest muscles from another angle. Instead of pushing away from the ground in a push-up, you will be pressing up into the sky with added weight resistance. 3. Dumbbell Fly This exercise is difficult and I recommend starting with a lighter weight. With this exercise you are opening and contracting your chest muscles and targeting your side chest muscle which is so important because “side boob” is so popular these days. 4. Dumbbell Rows This is another exercise that works the side chest muscles. To increase the difficulty of this exercise start in plank position and do 15 rows on the left side and then 15 rows on the right. You will for sure feel the burn and be sore the next day. Personally I’m so excited to know that there is something I can do to make my boobs look bigger and perkier and it doesn’t involve surgery or spending thousands of dollars. Next time you wish you had bigger boobs go ahead and grab a pair of dumbbells and start doing these chest exercises. Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code

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