No Free Weights, No Problem

My perspective on working out is that I've never really wanted to do it in the past. Most of my teens and in through half of college I pretty much preferred to sit around on my ass and eat what ever the hell I want. I realized I couldn't keep up the lifestyle if I was just being a potato all day. So I forced myself to get to the gym and work off the pounds I've gained. Reach a kind of equilibrium if you will of free eating that's earned through hard work. There was still the problem of getting down to the gym. Sometimes it was laziness holding me back, other days I was just too busy. I decided I didn't need to necessarily be at a gym to get some workouts done. I set myself a minimum requirement of 60 pushups a day, broken up into 3 sets of 20. Looking around my apartment I started to get ideas about new ways I could used furniture to help with my regime, like tricep dips. I still missed what I got from using free weights. Unfortunately I don't own any free weights, so I decided to get a little creative. Cast Iron Pans castironskillet Though kind of awkward to handle, these have a nice weight worked great for military presses. I grab the top of the handle, that connects to the pan, and grip the rest of it firmly. Cans of Food dr pepper beans ingredients Great for light free weights. Choose a can size that works best for the size of your hand. Old Juice/Milk Containers Header_applejuice This is great, because I hate taking out the recycling. Take an old 2 L jug of juice, clean it out, and fill with water. Now you got yourself a makeshift kettlebell. Paint Cans PaintCanWithHandleSilverMed_x Pretty self explanatory. They have good weight and come with handles! What more do you need. Amps and Equipment (for any musicians out there) Epiphone_professional_1963_top_am-_detail_1 I realize this is for a smaller demographic, but I've been a musician for years, and have used that as my excuse for not working out. "Oh I can't work out now, I'm gonna work on a song instead! That's a version of productive!" Well its not a good enough excuse. Guitarists, lift your amps, Drummers, your kick drum, and everyone else just get creative with your instrument. Flute players you might have a bit problem finding a way to utilize yours for fitness. Basically what I'm getting at is, if you are unmotivated, or don't have a lot of time to get your arse down to the gym, think outside the box. Size up your room or you office, and when you have some downtime see what you can use to give yourself a little workout.

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