French Role Reversal Film

The short film “Oppressed Majority” directed by Éléonore Pourriat follows an average father on an ordinary day, but in a society ruled by women. The results are pretty telling. A father goes from dropping his son off at daycare, fending off chauvinistic comments and abuse all day, only to be sexually assaulted by a gang of women, getting the most minimal of help from the police, and slut-shamed by his wife. oppressed.majority Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.21.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.24.31 PM It’s interesting, I actually watched this video before it was brought to my attention to blog about. Not only do I love the overt pieces of misogyny that this film points out, but it’s the mild mannered everyday sexism that makes this piece spot on; including peeing in public and jogging shirtless. Obviously there are extreme depictions of sexual assault, victim-blaming, and slut-shaming, that may not be the day-to-day experience of every woman, but there are a LOT of mild sexist comments that almost every woman has to deal with on a fairly regular basis. genderfilm                  I’m attempting to learn French myself, so that was a bit of a pull for me – plus I love any good ol’ subversive anti-misogyny pieces. As a woman I obviously relate to this, and that’s not to say I don’t have amazing male friends in my life, really I’m quite lucky for the caliber of guys around me. I’ve also been lucky enough to have avoided sexual assault, but sexual harassment is such a typical routine event, that it was interesting to see it with gender roles reversed. I’m also not one to thrash out at the invisible enemy of “MAN” – I think that guys can enjoy and learn from this video too, without feeling blamed. For a more light-hearted look at society’s gender roles, check out the web series “The Flip Side” created by Jay Diaz.    

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