Fresh Start

Motivation. Where does it come from and more importantly how do you maintain it?
I think that is one question that everyone needs to ask themselves relating to fitness.. or life in general.
You may have a list of goals you want to accomplish - lose 10lbs, run a marathon, or even just a simple "get in shape". But what are the main reasons behind your goals? What is the desire behind "losing 10 lbs" and how willing are you to go above and beyond to achieve your goals? Writing down your goals is only the first step, acting upon them is what is going to get you your goals.
I was in a car accident, which kept me out of the gym and inactive for a little over a month. I have been driving myself crazy not being able to hit the gym. I put all my focus in work (70+ hours / week) which only led to more stress.. I lost all the results I had gained in offseason and practically back to where I started. I'm defiantly not happy about where my body is right now and I'm so excited to finally be able to get back into it!
I decided that finally after a year I am ready to hit the stage again! I am currently 14 weeks out from my next show (Mesa, Arizona) and training starts TODAY.
I hope you can follow me over the next 14 weeks in my little journey in hopes to get my next win!
Love, Amy

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