Friday Food Finds!

I went to the local health market today and purchased all organic and gluten free!

The two cereals I purchased are my daughters favorite! I also got some snacks like crackers and cinnamon crisps.

The fruit I purchased is one bag of organic apples and one bag of pears and strawberries

The tea is STEAZ and I really recommend this tea! It comes in a ton of different flavors and it's really really good! I do not typically like tea or drink very much of it (I wish I liked it more) but when I do, this is what I get. I also got a few GUAYAKI tea's as well. They are equally as good but need to be very very cold!

After watching Teshia's video four months ago on wheatgrass, I decided to try it! so the RAW juice you see to the right of the picture is that also but it mixed with banana and other fruit. It was actually really tasty!

What are you favorite brands of teas and organic snacks?


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