Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits!  Personally I like the committed relationship.  However,  does friends with benefits work? This kind of relationship friendship with benefits seems to becoming more trendy in society. The "no strings attached" mind set for some makes things less complicated with zero expectations. What is the big attraction to this kind of relationship? Why do some people find it beneficial?

We all know that falling in love is a serious matter. You don't make friends with everyone you meet and who you let in your inner circle of friends to be considered a relationship as well. Falling in love requires a certain type of commitment however, friendship requires less responsibilities between two people.

The "no strings attached" policy has no boundaries, no limits one is free to do what the other pleases limitations are set free. Having said that there are no expectations of the other person because they are free to do whatever they please because you have agreed to be in a non committed relationship. But are the expectations really at zero? Or is the zero expecatioans a psychological road block of the mind to stay away from the hurt that could eventually come down the road when falling in love?

Falling in love for some signifies a commitment, boundries, and limitations.  Notice I said for SOME!!  Personally this is not my approach nobody should have limitations set on them.  Expectations sore to new heights and when one persons expectations are not met the other person gets confused hurt and disrupts the flow of the relationship. Friends with benefits? Or love and commitment? What really works?



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