From 154 Pounds to 322, This Man Is One Big, Bad and Buff Dude

It can be quite shocking to see someone of a particular size one moment, and then find them to have totally transformed the next. Martyn Ford certainly underwent big changes in his physical appearance. This man's injury fueled him to bulk up. The 6ft 8in man from Minworth in the West Midlands went from being a puny 154-pound teenager to a big and strong 322 pounds, which has resulted in a slew of Instagram fans. The 33-year-old dad was originally inspired to hit the gym after an injury resulted in too much weight loss. But he may want to thank that injury, since he can now leg press like a champ.

"The injury hit me quite hard and then psychologically I just gave up," Martyn said. "I suppose a combination of not training and depression took me right down to that sort of weight."

This man's injury fueled him to bulk up.

Being so thin caused Martyn to seek out weight training to bulk back up. He claims he originally wanted to get back to the size he was before his injury, but ended up gaining much more than he anticipated. "I put this on very quickly and decided that this was something I could do. It was a great psychological release for me, I felt like I was achieving again. So once I hit that initial goal, I just carried on!" When he's not training, Martyn is in school where he studies sports science, personal training and nutrition.

Martyn now has 81,000 followers on Instagram and even owns his own gym, called Beta Bodz, which is in Minworth. "I hit the size I am now in three to four years," he said. "Then I changed my training and yo-yo'd between different sports and weights. Now I'm just going to focus on conditioning and keeping the size because with the film work and various stuff that's coming up, it would be better for me to be 'aesthetically pleasing'," he said.

This man's injury fueled him to bulk up.

Martyn is also into acting, and recently wrapped up filming for a martial arts film called Undisputed 4. "I play Koshmar who's nicknamed Nightmare, which has given me a lovely reputation! He's a vile character - cannibal, rapist, murderer... a great role model." Martyn admits that he is nothing like the character he plays, however.

Martyn says that his appearance both intrigues as well as likely intimidates people. "I tend to get a few looks. I get more people looking once I've walked past, rather than straight at me - I suppose because people are quite intimidated before they get to know my character. I used to get more people asking for photos before I got my tattoos, but I think they now scare people off. I get more people asking for photos at the exhibitions I go to because people know me and follow me [on social media] and understand that I'm not going to bite their heads off. But I suppose the average Joe would probably look at me and think I was some kind of lunatic."

This man's injury fueled him to bulk up.

Martyn says that he keeps himself out of situations that could result in a fight, like bars and clubs. But sometimes people are pretty upfront regardless, especially when it comes to social media. "On social media some people give me grief, but then face-to-face no one really says much."

Martyn, who can leg press almost the weight of a Smart car and deadlift the weight of Britain's fattest woman, says that he works out for one hour four times a week. As for his diet, he says "I eat every hour - chicken, fish, egg whites, oats, brown rice, potatoes, loads of veg and I drink lots of water."

This man's injury fueled him to bulk up.

Martyn has a three-year-old daughter, Imogen, with his partner Sacha Stacey, 26. "She doesn't let me put her on my shoulders, she doesn't like it. She'll only go on my hips," he said. "I dropped her off at school this morning and we do get some strange looks and open-mouthed kids looking up thinking 'what is that?'"

This man's injury fueled him to bulk up.

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