From Anorexia To CrossFit: This Woman's Emotional Health Journey

"I used to find strength in disappearing." says Tova Ross. eating disorder health As her battle with an aggressive eating disorder threatened to destroy her, it also became like a drug to her. As a teenager, Tova was anorexic. She fed off the high of getting smaller and having the willpower to refuse food. Her warped obsessive thoughts about her body were consuming her even through the hospital stays and therapy sessions. Upon entering college, Tova had finally found a way to banish those thoughts and concentrate on moving forward in her life. She married and had two children with the thoughts still at bay, but echoing in the background. At 28, Tova and her husband divorced. Her sadness about her marriage ending prompted many nights of overeating cookie dough ice cream and watching bad TV. She didn't enjoy channeling her emotions into binges, but she felt like she had no other alternative. Then, a friend introduced her to Crossfit and weight training. crossfit lifting deadlift "To say I was initially intimidated would be an understatement." Tova says. "I graduated from five pathetic push-ups to twenty solid ones. I got just a little closer to the bar while attempting to complete a pull-up. I began to see definition in my biceps and stomach. I went from jumping rope for ten seconds before falling over in a heap to doing a full minute and a half. Each tiny gain was a victory." biceps toning conditioning Her victories got bigger. She was soon able to deadlift 170 pounds and became hooked on a new high - fitness. "Food wasn't the enemy, but a delicious tool to propel myself to stronger, faster heights. The only numbers that mattered weren't on a scale, but at the end of the barbell." she explains. "It's nice to look hot, but it's more important to feel empowered, healthy, and fabulously alive." Can you relate to Tova's amazing journey? Share your thoughts with us! Source: Shape  

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