From Couch Potato to Pro Bodybuilder, This Is Truly a Weight Loss Success Story

Weight loss success stories serve to inspire others that it certainly is possible to feel and look the way you want. Jasmine Pitts is one of those motivating women, turning her life from couch potato to professional body builder. Here's her story:   The downfall Pitts plan to become a professional athlete came to a halt and ultimately hindered her physique. "At age 10, I had a 15-year plan: play basketball every day, join a college team and make the WNBA, " Pitts explains. "But a year into undergrad, I was still just a walk-on, and I realized that my WNBA dreams were unrealistic (and my engineering degree would earn me more money). So I quit to focus on my studies. At the same time, I was doing what most college kids do—partying—and lost the motivation to workout. I graduated in December 2011 weighing 185 pounds." The wakeup call She took note of the weight she had gained and decided to make a change. "Diploma in hand, I moved to Indianapolis. Lonely in my new apartment and flipping through my tagged Facebook photos, I suddenly saw how big I'd become. I was confused: Why didn't anyone tell me? I needed to make a change. I got the Insanity DVDs and followed the program every night after work for 90 days. Then I'd cook a dinner that was much healthier than the dining hall food of the previous four years. Eating clean and another cycle of Insanity got me to 135 pounds by September 2012." Getting stronger Pitts was thrilled to have reached her weight loss goal, but with an athletic background, she knew that she was capable of much more than just being thin. She wanted to be stronger. "I had already hit my weight goal, but I wanted to get stronger. I started lifting and quickly developed some definition. But it was my aunt—who went from being overweight to a world-champion bodybuilder—who inspired me to take it seriously. In June 2014, I entered my first bodybuilding competition, and I placed in the top five! I've since competed three more times. While I'm still an engineer by day, I've discovered a way to live out my dreams of going pro—as a bodybuilder." The takeaway Sometimes it's truly as simple as making healthier eating choices and incorporating more exercise. Pitts proves that you don't have to make it difficult, but you do have to be dedicated. What do you think of her success story?  

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