From Hating Gym Class To Loving Fitness, One Woman Tells Us How She Got There

Starting out at 122 pounds, Diana Ornelas says she was never overweight, but acknowledges that she was far from healthy. Physical activity was not exactly a priority. She didn't like gym class, she didn't play any sports and, as she says, "my idea of exercise was walking to the store to buy a bag of chips." She ate lots of traditional Mexican food at home that was full of oil and working in a restaurant meant that she often found herself eating whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. So what exactly changed? A friend from work had started taking classes at Fit Body Boot Camp. Ornelas noticed how great her friend looked and was intrigued when she mentioned how happy she was, and how much more energy she had. Ornelas began to think that maybe she should try working out, too! She started to attend classes with her friend and found them to be incredibly engaging. She loved having the coaches there because they were able to show her what to do. Diana never felt alone or completely lost. [bctt tweet="From Hating Gym Class To Loving Fitness, One Woman Tells Us How She Got There"] Ornelas started slow by working out twice a week, but it wasn't long before that changed. She says, "for the first few weeks, I worked out twice a week. But when I began to lose fat and feel better, I started taking three every week. After a few months, that turned into working out five or more times a week–and actually looking forward to those sweat sessions!" On Fridays, when they did partner workouts, Ornelas was always sure to pick someone that she knew would push her through that final rep. She also took advantage of the resources available to her and met with the coaches at Fit Body to learn more about proper diet and nutrition. The changes she had to make to her eating habits were not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. She explains, "I started making small changes to my diet, like swapping soda for water and skipping whipped cream or extra sugar in my coffee. I started grabbing yogurt and a piece of fruit for breakfast instead of a toast. I started thinking about how I felt before reaching for the chips or going to the fridge. If I was actually hungry, I would eat. If I was just bored, I recognized that and found something else to do." Now, two years later, Ornelas says her lifestyle is completely different and she is down 22 pounds and 11% in body fat. She just gave birth to her first child a few months ago and has nearly lost the 40 pounds she gained during pregnancy! She says, "I gave birth to my daughter in a few months ago, and I’ve almost lost the 40 pounds I gained during my pregnancy. I actually worked out (not at the same level, obviously) up until the day before I went into labor. Even after just having a baby, I feel so energetic. Making my lifestyle healthier helped me realize that I can keep up with whatever life throws at me." She is absolutely correct. Being fit and healthy gives you a mental fortitude like nothing else! Ornelas has some fabulous tips to help you change your life as well. Here's what she has to offer you: Don’t let laziness stop you. I always told myself that I wasn’t athletic, but I was just lazy. Sure, it’s easier to sit on the couch, but it won’t make you feel as alive. Make exercise an outlet, not a chore. When I have a bad day, I let out all of my frustration at the gym. I challenge myself to do five more jumping jacks. I don't do it because I have to; I do it because it's a stress release. Pay attention to the little changes. I didn’t overhaul my diet and quit all the foods I loved cold turkey. I took the time to develop better habits and enjoy what I eat. Have you gone from couch potato to fitness fanatic? Share your story with us! If you're new to working out try our FREE Beginner Bootcamp Challenge complete with a meal plan. Trainer Edith takes you through 10-minute workouts that get your butt up off the couch and moving! Sign up now and transform your body for the better. Are you looking for something a little more advanced? Starting in January is the Intermediate Bootcamp. Sign up here to be notified! Source: Women's Health  

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