From Olympic Hero to KUWTK Star, Bruce Jenner Publicly Announces Gender Identity

Bruce has not made a public request on how they would like to be identified moving forward, or provided the new name they mention changing to; out of respect for the continued transition Bruce will be undergoing moving forward, this article will be using gender-neutral pronouns in the coverage of this story.

Bruce Jenner, 65, first came in to the spotlight in 1976 when they won the gold medal for the decathlon in the Summer Olympics held in Montreal.  Now, Bruce is known for his appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Needless to say, Bruce is not a stranger to the spotlight. However, after what has been speculated on for more than a year, Bruce finally told Diane Sawyer of ABC News, “My brain is much more female than it is male.”

“Are you a woman?” Sawyer asked. Bruce answered simply, “Yes. For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.” As for why this was happening now, after turning 65, Bruce said, “Bruce lives a lie. She is not a lie. I can’t do it anymore.” Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.03.02 AM The two-hour broadcast attempted to educate viewers on transgender issues as it unfolded, in addition to the main interview. “I’m not gay,” Bruce told Sawyer. “I am, as far as I know, heterosexual. … I’ve never been with a guy.” Later in the interview, Bruce said he’s “asexual…for now.” Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.22.02 AM

Jenner shot down the idea that this very public and emotional announcement had anything to do with publicity, despite the Kardashian family's history of stunts.

 “What I’m doing is going to do some good and we’re gonna change the world,” Bruce said. “I really firmly believe that.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.50.33 AM

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