From Raw Diets To Gluten-Free: The Truth Behind 10 Food Fads!

We're all looking for the miracle diet, the one that will melt away pounds before our eyes. So naturally when a popular food trend pops up, we've got to give it a try. But could some of these health crazes be less healthy and more crazy? We debunk 10 popular food fads in weight loss: Myth #1 Going Raw Helps You Lose Weight Raw calories are still calories. Despite having a higher nutritional value, a raw brownie still contains calories that keep pounds on your body. You'll receive more vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, but a raw diet has been shown to do little for your waistline. Myth #2 Spiralising Is Great For Keeping Hunger At Bay A great way to include more nutritious veggies in your meals is by spiralising. But if you're using it to produce low-cal meals that lack protein, you'll be heading for a late afternoon/nighttime snack craving in the near future.   Myth #3 Drinking Tons Of Juice And Smoothies Will Shed Pounds Juices and smoothies are good ways to getting your fruit and vegetable intake up to par. But exceeding 3 a day can cause your body to be taking in way too much sugar. Keep your smoothies to a minimum of two, and don't add in extra sugar or sugary yogurt. Make sure your juices are fresh pressed with no sugar added. Myth #4 Good Fats Won't Pack On lbs Moderation is the key to everything in life, including healthy fats. Avocados and nuts are amazing foods for your body and brain, but contain high levels of good fats which could cause you some problems getting into your skinny jeans. Myth #5 Gluten Free Is Calorie Free Cutting out gluten can help you focus, increase your energy and aid your digestion. But gluten free products like bread contain more added sugar to compensate for the absence of gluten. As we all know, sugar is the enemy when it comes to weight loss. Myth #6 Coconut Water Is Sugar Free Made from unripe coconuts, this potassium rich tonic is a great post-workout drink. But it has a hefty sugar content (three teaspoons per 330ml). So if you're hooked on coconut water as your go-to sports drink, research has shown that plain old water can give you just as many benefits.   Myth #7 Chia Seeds Have No Flaws A lot has come to light about this 'superfood' recently. One major concern is the while chia seeds are omega-3 loaded, they have been known to cause disruptions in digestion. They also have an antioxidant within them that inhibits the body's ability to absorb certain minerals. Chia seeds should be limited to small amounts. Myth #8 Sushi Is Low Carb A sushi lunch isn't always a light one. Raw fish can be high carb and low protein, leaving you famished a few hours after eating. The type of rice used in maki and nigiri spikes your blood sugar levels, so stick to sashimi and opt for brown rice when possible. Myth #9 Tofu Is A Weight Loss Food Rich in calcium, protein and iron, tofu makes a great diet addition for vegetarians and carnivores alike. It is low calorie on it's own, but often we prepare tofu with fatty marinades that rack up the cal-count. It absorbs in so much oil that we must use more and more to create flavour, so try baking it in the oven with a little non-oil marinade. Myth #10 Popcorn Is A Good Snack For Weight Loss Pre-popped corn from the grocery store can be caked in calories from added ingredients. Opt for a plan serving with a hint of paprika for flavour, or a sprinkle of cinnamon. The best way to lose weight is to better understand your body's eating patterns. Try to avoid eating when watching TV or sitting at your computer as this has been scientifically shown to increase the speed you eat and amount you consume. Shed processed foods from your diet, buy smaller plates for smaller portions, drink water before you eat to fill you up more and make sure your diet is full of all necessary macronutrients. What are your tips to losing weight? Share them with us! Source: Daily Mail

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