FU Fat Ass - Today's Real Time Workout

When you feel yourself avoiding training it is a signal that you need to confront that fear head on - immediately - and without thinking about it. Jump in and smash it out. Avoidance is a beacon - it is a clear signal to get off your ass and smash out your workout. Get angry, get psyched up, feel the fear that has held you back for so long and do it anyway. The more you flex this response the stronger it will get - giving you the power to make sweeping changes in your life. Most of us hide in our comfort caves and pile on the excuses and justifications. What a waste of life. When fear rings the bell kick the door off of the hinges. You are a BodyRocker not a spineless cave dwelling slug. FU fear - bring it on! Freddy [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to 3 rounds of 30 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. (Beginners try to smash two rounds) There are 16 rounds YES thats right 16 :)) - We are going in hard and mixing it up today,  just because we can !! Workout Breakdown: 1) Elevated Cross Push-Ups 2) Tuck Abs 3) Squat & Press - using the Pink Sandbag 4) Clean & Press - using the Pink Sandbag 5) Bicycle Abs 6) Jumps Lunges 7) Bicep Curls - using the Pink Sandbag 8) V Abs Left 9) V Abs Right 10) Elevated Tricep Dips 11) Mountain Climbers 12) Burpees with Push-up 13) Squat & Press - using the Pink Sandbag 14) Over Head Abs - using the Pink Sandbag 15) Jump Lunges 16) Frog Jumps Forward & Back * Speed up your progress and train with the interval timer - you will get so much more out of your workout - it's like night and day.

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