Full Body Blitz

Did you think I would let you get away without some more Tabata’s …. nice try ladies and gents. See below for another round of my favorite style of high intensity workout. Keep in mind that what may seem simple will have your muscles aching and shaking by the end of each set.   No equipment required.   How to do it – set your timer to 8 sets of 20 seconds of high intensity workouts with 10 seconds of rest between each set. High intensity really does mean ALL OUT, by the time the rest period comes you should be out of breath or hardly able to do more.   For example for the first exercise 1sec - 20sec        high intensity / quick speed skaters 21  – 30                 rest (try to keep moving a bit so you do not cramp uo) 31 -  50                  high intensity / quick speed skaters 51 – 60                  rest   Repeat this until you have 8 sets of each exercise complete and then repeat for the next exercise until you get through all six.    1.       Speed skaters Stand with feet hip width apart and arms at the side. Hop to one side, with trail leg touching behind. Chest remains up, front leg is bent and touch the floor with same hand as trail leg. Hop to other side and repeat. WO-2 (2 of 22) WO-2 (3 of 22) WO-2 (4 of 22)     2.       Decline push-up Perform a regular push up with feet elevated on an object (chair, bench, bed, etc). Ensure to keep back straight throughout entire movement.  WO-2 (13 of 22) WO-2 (14 of 22)   3.       Switch jump lunges Begin in a stance with one foot forward and one foot back. Lunge down, jump into the air while switching legs and landing in lunge position with the opposite leg forward. Repeat while keeping good posture. WO-2 (8 of 22) WO-2 (6 of 22) WO-2 (7 of 22)   4.       Plank holds Get in a high plank position. Hands directly under shoulder blades, squeeze your butt and contract your core to maintain a straight back. Neck and spine should be in a neutral position while you look slightly in front of your hands. Hold. **Form is key, if your finding yourself unable to hold this a modification is to drop to either drop to your forearms or your knees while maintaining the straight back**  WO-2 (9 of 22)   5.       Bulgarian split squat Keeping torso upright, perform a lunge with one foot elevated behind you. Front leg should make it to almost 90 degrees without your knee extending over the toe of the front foot. Squeeze butt on way up. The higher the bench the harder the exercise.  WO-2 (11 of 22) WO-2 (12 of 22)   6.       Wide leg burpee with push-up Stand with legs slightly wider than hip width apart. Squat down to the ground and touch the floor, jump legs back into plank position, perform push up, jump legs back into a wide stance, hop up with hands in the air and back down into wide squat. Repeat  WO-2 (15 of 22) WO-2 (16 of 22) WO-2 (17 of 22) WO-2 (18 of 22)WO-2 (19 of 22)WO-2 (20 of 22) WO-2 (22 of 22)          

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