Full-Body Reverse Pyramid Workout for Time.

Here's a little workout routine I like to throw at my clients from time to time. It works like this: 3 exercises. Start at 10 reps of each, then 9, then 8 until you get to zero. As little rest as possible at all times -- just keep it moving. The beauty of the reverse pyramid is that in theory it gets easier as you go along - you're doing one less rep each round. There's a psychological fulfilment at whittling away the reps to zero. You feel pretty kick ass when you get to doing one rep of each and knowing you did a total of 55 reps of each exercise. Pros should aim to get this done in 8 minutes or less -- that's about how long it takes me. 12 minutes or less is the goal for intermediates and just about everyone in decent shape should aim to get this done in 15 minutes.  Yes, it's challenging but that's the whole idea. For this workout I've chosen step reverse lung ups, hands on step push ups with 4 mountain climbers, and equalizer rows. This routine could be done with a variety of  other exercises but I've chosen these particular ones as they hit just about every muscle in the body-- especially the heart. Don't have these toys? The reverse lunge hop ups and push up with mountain climbers can be done just as effectively without the step. The rows could be done with a TRX or bent over with a bar, dumbbells or a sandbag. I'm doing 5 reps of each in the demo video but you start at 10! Give it a go and let me know! For more workouts and tips join me on Facebook. Traineredith.comBR1

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