Full Body Tabata Workout

TABATAS! My absolute most favorite workout. These can be done anywhere at any time with basically any equipment. The concept seems simple, even easy, but I guarantee by the last set of each exercise you will be feeling that amazing burn that gets you the results you oh so desire!   Concept is simple – set your timer to 8 sets of 20 seconds of high intensity workouts with 10 seconds of rest between each set.   For example for the first exercise: 1sec - 20sec        high intensity mountain climbers 21  – 30                 rest (try to keep moving a bit so you do not cramp uo) 31 -  50                  high intensity mountain climbers 51 – 60                  rest   …. Keep this going until you have 8 of each exercise complete and then do it all over for the next exercise until you are through all eight of them. Recover for about a minute between exercises.     Exercise 1: Mountain climbers Begin in high plank position. Alternate bringing your knees up to chest in a rapid motion. resized (1 of 29) Exercise 2: Tricep push-up Perform push-up with hands directly under shoulders and arms sliding next to your sides. Hand positioning is slightly narrower than regular push-ups. resized (10 of 29) resized (11 of 29) Exercise 3: High Knees Run with knees high in one spot maintaining a straight back and strong core. Can place hands out and make sure top of knees touch hands on each stride. resized (14 of 29) resized (15 of 29) Exercise 4: Bicycle Sit-ups Lie on back in sit-ups position. Place hands just behind head or on temple and bring opposite elbow to opposite knee in a controlled motion, switch sides. Ensure you are not pulling up your neck towards knee, motion should come from the abs. resized (16 of 29) resized (17 of 29) Exercise 5: Push-up Jack Start in high plank position. Perform a push-up. On the down motion hop your feet out into a wide position while maintaining straight back form. When straightening arms to push back up, hop feet back in. resized (19 of 29) resized (20 of 29) resized (21 of 29) Exercise 6: Plié Squat Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulders with toes pointing out. Squat down keeping your butt tucked in and back straight until legs form a 90 degree angle. Push up through heels to starting position while squeezing your butt. workoutoutdoors (23 of 29) workoutoutdoors (24 of 29) Exercise 7: Crab Taps Begin in crab walk position. Lift arm and opposite leg up and tap together. Return to start position and alternate using other arm and leg. resized (27 of 29) resized (28 of 29) resized (29 of 29) Exercise 8: Reverse Lunge with Hop Perform a reverse lunge and when you go to return to starting position hop straight up on the front leg. Switch legs and repeat resized (5 of 29) resized (6 of 29) You can add difficulty to any of the above moves by adding weights, a weighted vest, etc. Just ensure that you are going at a high intensity for the 20 seconds. However, more important than speed is FORM so ensure that this is kept constant and strong throughout the entire exercise in order to get the most benefit and prevent injury.

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