"Being a Full Time Mom isn't an Occupation, it's a Biological Status"

The above comment was made by Kate Hopkins as she railed against stay-at-home moms on Twitter.  She's a mother of three and was on the Apprentice and claimed in late January that, "Full Time Mummy isn't an occupation.  Its a biological status." Hopkins made her latest controversial statements on her Twitter account, claiming that being a full-time mother is not an occupation But Katie didn't stop there.  Her comment about misogyny is based on her belief that women who blame gender discrimination in the workplace simply could not "handle" working.  She's even labeled parents who home-school their children as certifiably crazy. I'm a stay-at-home mom who happens to also work from home.  While Katie Hopkins' sentiments are certainly not the commonly held belief of most people - there remains a certain amount of animosity and disdain for stay-at-home moms.  I was told once by a friend that if they were a stay-at-home mom they would be able to have the sexiest body imaginable.  Its a reflection of the belief that stay-at-home moms have all the time imaginable to play around. I will say that, yes, being a mother is a biological status.  Being a full time stay-at-home mother is not.  A woman's worth is not determined by whether or not she works or whether she raises her children at home.  There is no shame in staying at home and there is no shame in working.  For too long women were confined to the home and in being so confined we, as females, gained a kind of animosity towards staying in the home.  For some its preferable, for others its a necessity, and for still others its not even a possibility. photo I'll just leave you all with a nice little graphic to help demonstrate the worth of a stay at home mom.  So the next time you judge or are judged you have a little something to show your haters.  Remember all you Mommy and Daddy Rockers out there...never let anyone make you feel inferior for your chosen 'profession' in life whether its a career or full time motherhood.  You're valued for so much more than that.  

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