Fun Acro Yoga Poses To Try With Your Kids

It doesn't take much to get them to join in on an acro yoga session. Kids just love to fly! Acro has a way of really bringing you into the present moment and create some lasting memories. Try these fun poses out with your little ones if you feel up to the challenge. But please do so carefully! Put away any distractions that take your focus elsewhere. Honor your body where it's at and practice safely. When in doubt, use a spotter. Or lots and lots of pillows. Or both.     Chair Pose: IMG_20150220_134836  
  • Practice chair pose before attempting by placing your feet hip distance apart. Sink into the pose, allowing your torso to hinge forward.
  • Now that you have a feel for it, pick up your child from behind. Have him or her place a foot on each leg then sink into chair pose.
  • Let her know it's time for her to spread her wings!!
  • To release just pick her up lovingly and place her back down.
  Happy Baby Pose:   tumblr_nk1e94purq1tr4m6lo1_1280  
  • Before you get started, practice happy baby pose together on the floor by laying on your backs and bringing your bent legs towards your shoulders.
  • Once you have practiced the pose together, practice having your partner lay his or her back on your feet. Hold him by the shoulders as you lift him into the air and gain balance.
  • Now slowly lower your knees towards your armpits into happy baby pose, wherever that may be for you.
  • Ask your partner to get into his version of happy baby pose as you support him.
  • To release, you can sink deeper into the pose and lower him down slowly; regain your foot position on his back and lift him back up then down to the original starting position; you can have a spotter help you; or if he's like my son, he'll want to flip backwards (just be sure to hold his shoulders steady while he does that).
  Locust Pose: summerperezsonlocust  
  • Practice locust pose before going up in the air by laying face down on the floor then raising your upper body and legs at the same time.
  • When ready, secure your flyer on your feet with him or her facing you. Support his as you lift him into the air. Maintain strong legs and strong core to keep him stable in the air.
  • When he's ready, tell him to fly!
  • To release is simply bending your knees slowly to bring him down.
  And besides a fun family workout and bonding time, acro can lead to lots of stolen kisses.   summerperezkissesacrobabypose

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