A Fun, New Way to Rip Those Abs

We have discussed the Burpee exercise before and most of us admit that we hate it-a lot. It's certainly no secret that the move is pretty challenging to most. If you are a Burpee fan, then I have something new and refreshing for you to try! I am here to bring you a different variation of the burpee-the Reverse Burpee. This move is just as challenging like the original Burpee move, if not more! This move specifically targets your whole abdominal muscle set, not to mention your entire body, and might leave you feeling like you fell off a cliff the next morning. Obviously, the best way to ripped abs is an overall good, clean diet-there's NO denying that abs are made in the kitchen; however, this exercise can help you build those underlying abdominal  muscles to help make them appear more visible. Try it out and have fun!
  1. Stand with the arms overhead.
  2. Bend the knees and lower your butt to the floor.
  3. Roll onto your back and draw your knees up towards your chest.
  4. Use momentum to kick forward, landing on the feet.
  5. Rise to stand, and do an explosive jump straight up, getting as much height as you can. Remember to keep your elbows bent and palms off the floor while you rise so you're using your core muscles and not your hands to help you get up.
  6. Do 10 reps.

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