Game of Thrones Season 4 Workout

We're into the fourth season of Game of Thrones, and a lot has changed, so here's an updated version of our Game of Thrones workout! Whenever you see a white walker = 30 seconds high knees Whenever attention is drawn to Jamie’s fake hand, or lack of hand = 10 tricep dips Everytime Hodor says “Hodor” = 5 jumping jacks gotworkout5 Whenever Ramsay Snow is creepy/awful (so basically whenever he’s on screen) = 10 diamond push-ups Whenever Jon Snow is called a bastard = 10 diagonal climbers gotworkout2 Anytime you see or hear the phrase “kill the masters” = 5 burpees When anyone says khaleesi = 10 sumo squats Whenever Arya and the Hound bicker = 30 second glute bridge gotworkout Whenever you see a dragon = 10 push-ups Whenever Margaery Tyrell wears something low cut (so basically whenever she’s on screen) = 30 second plank gotworkoutMargaery_Tyrell_Valar_Dress Whenever Sam talks about Gilly = 10 lunges Any sex scene = 30 second side plank, each side Whenever Brienne of Tarth says something noble = 10 supermans gotworkout3 Whenever Cersei insults someone = 10 mountain climbers Whenever Bran Stark inhabits an animal = 10 crunches   Bonus move: wall sit for the opening credits

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