The "Game Of Thrones" Workout

Edit: F*cking Game of Thrones

The Warmup:

  GAME OF THRONES   Every Time A Character Dies 20 pushups   Violence ensues! 10 pushups   Every time Tyrion Lannister says something witty as hell. 30 second plank   Every time Cersei Lannister is a total b*tch. 1 minute plank (30 seconds for just her b*tch face)   Every time Sansa looks like she is about to cry. 20 squats (30 if she actually cries)   Every time someone bangs. 30 crunches (Add another 10 for every extra person if multiple partners).   Every time Daenerys Targaryen mentions her dragons/being the mother of dragons. 40 Jumping jacks   Every time Jorah Mormont advises Daenerys of something new. "Calise, the [blank] are a very [blank]..." 30 Tricep dips   Every time Jon Snow is criticized for his skills, or because he’s a bastard. 20 mountain climbers   Every time Hodor… well… says “Hodor”. 10 Supermans GOT-workout   And if you need a character refresher...   59169-All-characters-game-of-thrones-RiZs

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