GEMS PROTEIN BREAKFAST KICK STARTER (Ideas and words by Gem - Written and put together by Gem's Mum) All you need is: - 3 large egg whites - 1 whole large egg - Spinach/ Rocket - Half pot of Quark or 125g - Half box of Blueberries - My Coffee was made with double strength coffee and Lactose free milk Beat your eggs together and then make an omelette or scrambled eggs - Your choice! Mix the Blueberries with the Quark... Make your coffee how you like it! And tuck in...SIMPLES!!! My Tips: - I prefer to have the Omelette first and then the Quark & Blueberries after as a sort of desert! - This is a really filling breakfast and will keep you going until the next meal - for me this will be in three hours time! - If you don't like Coffee, try having either a Peppermint Tea, Green Tea, other herbals or a hot water... - Avoid high sugary drinks like fruit juices or squash! - Quark is a high protein, low fat, soft cheese and a better choice/ option than a yoghurt! By having a Protein Breakfast you will see the following benefits: - Keeps you fuller for longer - Boosts your energy and feel good factor - It decreases your carb cravings so your more likely to make good food choices throughout the day - Helps you manage your blood sugar levels by counteracting the effects of insulin in your body - Helps fuel your metabolism, which keeps you burning more calories throughout the day There are many more benefits for short and long term health.... Any questions just ask! Love Gem xxx P.S = My "BLING SLING" in my featured photo was made specifically for me by "Cookie Dance Wear" - for more information please contact me :-)

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