GEMS STICKY SWEET POTATO BAKE (Ideas and words by Gem - Written and put together by Gem's Mum) All you need is: - 1 Large Sweet Potato - Half cup of Porridge Oats - Half cup of Boiled Water - 12 Pitted Prunes - 12 Big Marshmallows Cook the sweet potato in its skin so it's soft enough to mash but not cooked right through! While this is cooking, add boiling water to your porridge oats and mix together, allow the oats to soak up the water until you get a nice thick consistency. Greece proof a baking tin or cover with real butter and then layer your oats on the base.. Now add in the marshmallows, place on top of the oats where ever you like. Once your sweet potato is ready, mash it up and layer on top! Now add your prunes (I pressed mine in slightly) and add some more marshmallows. Put into the oven for 30 minutes, keep an eye on it as the marshmallows will cook quickly and begun to caramelise and go black... You can press these into the mix if you want! If after 30 minutes you feel it could cook for longer, then leave for another 10-15 minutes! Once cooked, removed from the oven and leave to cool.... Be very careful as it will be extremely hot and the sticky caramelised texture can be surprisingly hotter than you think! Once cooled, removed from baking tin and Greece paper and serve with a side of Quark or Greek Yoghurt! If you don't like prunes, change them for chopped up Banana's! This is a great healthy alternative to desert or as a Pre-Workout snack!!! Love Gem xxx  

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