GEM'S ZESTY COLOUR BOMB - With Cauliflower Rice!!!

GEM'S ZESTY COLOUR BOMB - With Cauliflower Rice!!! (Recipe and words by Gem - Written and put together by Gem's Mum) All you need is: - 1 whole cauliflower - 1 fresh lemon - 1 fresh lime - Half a box of blueberries - 100g Turkey (or Chicken) - Avocado - 3 peppers (Green, Yellow & Red) To make your Cauliflower rice, cut the whole Cauliflower up into small pieces and then blend on full power until it becomes a "Rice" like consistency! Chop the three peppers up into small crunchy pieces and mix all together! This will make either 5 small meal portions or could be used to make one large serving for a family meal or BBQ! Now for the fun part you can add to your base and bulk it out... For my meal I added: Blueberries, Avocado, Turkey, and then squeezed a lemon and lime and mixed the lot up!!! It was soooooo Zesty and delicious and great for a hot summer evening! Due to my recent accident I have had to heavily rely on the people around me to help with keeping me on track with my diet! So a huge thank you goes to my family and with Mum helping put my ideas into reality I also now have 4 more portions of this tasty meal to enjoy over the next few days!!!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think??? Love Gem xxx     1069132_10151778074013627_1569342976_n  

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