Genius Makeup Artist Transforms Into Life-Like Barbie In 90 Seconds!

Life in plastic can really be fantastic by following this make-up tutorial for a Barbie doll inspired look! While going full Barbie might be a little much for a casual trip to the grocery store, this routine is great for a Halloween look, or perhaps a toned-down version for a night out! Kandee Johnson is the makeup mastermind behind this masterpiece and has transformed her face into many different celebrities in the past. She's been Disney princesses, Iron Man, Kylie Jenner and Ruby Rose. The artist has a real knack for creations, as she does normal everyday looks as well. Watch Kandee go from zero to full on Barbie in 90 seconds! You will be amazed! [embed][/embed] If you could transform into any celeb or character with just a quick makeup application, who would it be?

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