Could "Gentle" C-Sections Be The Newest Birthing Trend?

Childbirth is definitely not a piece of cake. It doesn't matter if you're in labour for a day or have a pre-planned surgical delivery - momma's to be want to have a good experience. Doctors are now trying to do just that for women undergoing C-sections. It's called a "gentle" C-section and the point is to try and maintain more patient-centered elements of natural childbirth.
what is a gentle c-section?
Although the surgical treatment itself doesn't change, the atmosphere does. This approach is geared towards Mom and Dad. This means consistent communication with the mother and her partner, based on mutual respect. It's a way for the mother to feel like she has more control of the situation. In fact, it's not unusual to play music and talk throughout.  The newborn is then placed on the mom's chest for cleaning and suctioning while simultaneously promoting earlier breastfeeding and parent-child bonding. Transparent drapes are also an option, so mothers can see their baby coming out. If the mother is unable to hold her baby for any reason, the little one is given to the father for some special early bonding.
How Popular Is This Birthing Option?
The "gentle" concept is still a bit under the radar and, although more women will likely inquire about it in the near future, most doctors will prefer conventional methods. This is likely do to that fact that doctors want to focus on their surgery without risk of the mother seeing the operation and causing her trauma.
Can a Woman Who Needs Emergency Surgery Ask to Have a Gentle C-Section?
The nature of emergency C-sections is to get the baby out as fast as possible. This will likely rule out any option to have a "gent;e" c-section. Also, if a mother doesn't already have an epidural or spinal anesthesia, they will have to put her to sleep.
What Are The Potential Dangers?
The word "gentle" is can be misleading. A caesarean is still major surgery. It comes with all the associated risks of infection, bleeding, and potentially negative reactions to anesthesia.

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