Get a Killer Crunch With Straight Leg Abs

If you've been doing straight-up, conventional crunches and hoping for a chiseled six pack, we're about to deliver some news that may be disappointing! Crunches are good core exercises but because they only work a limited number of muscles, they aren't likely to produce the abs of your dreams.

In order to get a killer abs, you need to take a multi-muscle approach. That means adding moves that work more than just your rectus abdominis and obliques! Your rectus abdominis is the large muscle that runs the length of your torso. By adding straight leg abs to your routine, you'll increase engagement with the lower part of this muscle as well as the muscles in your lower back. This will help whittle your waist and tone your lower belly!

Take a look:

Get a Killer Crunch With Straight Leg Abs from Bodyrock on Vimeo.


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Below, you will find everything you need to know to add this move to your routine. Slip this in to your regular core workout and prepare to feel the burn! Remember, don't throw your upper body forward, engage the muscles in order to make the movement. And if you have had a back or neck injury, you will likely want to take a pass on this one.

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