Get F***ing Healthy, Bro!

It's time to kick that health into high gear, beyotches! With winter morphing into spring, it's cold/flu season. Everyone's wearing those  medical face masks, but not us HIITers, am I right? We're all about toughing it out and being the healthiest people on the planet. Don't be one more casualty to the sniffles and sneezes, but get your health in shape with the simple remedies below:     (Pardon the excess of cursing in the image. It's just absolutely hilarious to hear someone talking like that about healthy foods and natural remedies for good health.) Strong language aside, all of those remedies are supremely awesome for your health. Use them to keep you healthy, and you'll never have to worry about another sick day in your life! Look better, feel better, and be better, all because you're eating better! Kick that fitness up a notch, but don't forget that your health is made in the kitchen!

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