Get Fit, Lose Weight And Live Longer With Cycling!

This summer, get your cardio fix outdoors by taking up cycling! You can hit the gym, but being out in beautiful warm weather and exploring your surroundings is much more fun and inspiring. Here are the 5 health benefits of hitting the open road on a bicycle: 1) Slim Down Cycling tones your body from head to toe, no matter if you're a beginner or fitness buff. This exercise can boost your metabolism so you torch calories like a champ. 22 minutes of high intensity cycling a day can give you ultra-fast weight loss results and muscle definition. 2) Add Years To Your Life Studies have shown that cycling can increase your life span. And the faster you go, the longer you live. Copenhagen’s Bispebjerg University Hospital reported that study participants who cycled at an intense pace everyday lived nearly 4 years longer than slower riders. 3) Improve Your Mood Cycling can rapidly send endorphins to your brain that make you feel positive, happy and stress-free. 4) Help Out The Environment Taking your bike into town instead of driving reduces CO2 emissions in the air. This means everyone can breathe a little clearer. 5) Ward Off Health Problems  Frequent cycling can cut your risk factor for heart disease by 50%. It can also reduce insistences of joint pain and help maintain great circulation. So, grab your bike and hit the road! Make sure you've got the right gear, you have water handy and that your seat is comfortable, and you're ready for anything. What do you love about cycling? What is your favourite sport for getting fit and healthy? Source: Women's Fitness UK  

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