How To Get Hooked On Running: A Beginner's Guide

If you're looking to run longer, avoid injury and actually begin to fall in love with this beneficial activity, here is your guide to getting started. #1 Run Every Day Keeping a consistant routine will make your body crave the physical activity of running. It will also help your metabolism kick into high gear, which means you will burn more fat. The more you run, the harder you can push yourself to go farther, faster and longer. #2 Get Comfy Invest in running wear that you'll actually want to wear. Make sure your shoes don't give you blisters, and that your sports bra is comfortable and practical. #3 Roll It Out Along with stretching, you should use a foam roller twice a week to help reduce your risk of injury and enhance your flexibility. #4 Skip The Shots Cutting down on drinking alcohol when you first start your routine is vital. You will be more hydrated and energized and you will sleep better. #5 Take A Break Allow for days when you go lighter on your routine so that your body can recover and rebuild. #6 Be Your Biggest Competition Don't worry about how others train, or how fast they go. Focus on beating your own personal best and improving yourself. #7 Grab A Cup Of Joe Caffeine before a run can make your body burn more calories and gives you a little extra spring in your step. What are your best tips for beginner runners? Share your fitness stories with us! Source: Health    

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