Get Leaner While On Holiday ?! Yes You Can

So there’s a lot of you either preparing for you holiday or are holiday, (great isn't it) we look forward to them all year and then as soon as we land it's like we have never been away, we just remember that feeling of peace and queit and no hastle... then as soon as you land its all... unpacking and washing clothes :D.... I wanted to share something with you :) - It always amazes me how many looks I get working out on the beach or when I order something that’s not on the menu. It’s not that people stare because they think I am mad (well I hope not ha ha) the stare I get always comes with a nudge or lean and the comes the approach and the follow up question, i.e. – where did you learn that?? Or what sort of training is that?? Where can I find your style of training ??.  With food, the questions are always – I didn’t realize you could have that here, I would have had that too if i knew you could or I’ll have what she’s having .... Why am I talking about this  ... well...  We spend all year working for the dream vacation and the thoughts of just doing nothing and getting a golden tan are already in our minds, even though its' only just been booked - we already have the bikinis lol.  Holidays are the time when you are allowed to chill and sunbathe, and maybe have a few extra ice creams ;)), and the children get to make friends for 14 nights and only return to be fed :D. For one second I would like you to look at it from my point of view…. I train on holiday because I can still get an ‘’all over tan’’ and lose weight at the same time :D… so its brilliant, thats why kids are so brown all over so quickly … also if you train with your bikini underneath.. Boom!! straight into the pool (after a shower of course) or sea…. Not only that, you feel so much better, coming home leaner and stronger and brown makes you feel epic when you go on the first ‘’night out’’ before the dreaded ‘’peeling’’ kicks in ha ha (you know what I’m taking about girls). You also hit the gym smashing your usual routines without having to struggle to get back to your usual fitness level. So food…. If you are keeping up your training, I promise you won’t want to eat ‘’just what’s on the menu’’ as you will be aware of the effort and how you feel and besides you haven’t given yourself ‘’permission’’ to just ‘’go mental’’ and eat whatever you can get your hands on…. you will just continue to be good but know that you are on holiday so a treat is allowed :) but I find most fruit abroad is WAY better than any pudding or desert... it's so fresh and tasty :) So I say to you…. Try it… try being different…. I have never fit into the box when it comes to training, I am always hanging of something, or throwing something, or trying new moves…. note: Pack the skipping rope in the case you check in as they take them off you in customs :/ ... learn from my tears lol & take extra batteries for your Interval Timers & Interval Timers don't like direct sunshine either :) they fog up - nothing worse than when it breaks down half way through you're holiday. (maybe take a spare - Just incase) This summer, keep going & tell yourself that being away doesn’t mean that we have to add weight. We can spin that on its head and keep The DailyHIIT Training going @ more importantly moving our bodies everyday.   Ask yourself; Before I sunbathe can I add 12 mins ? Have I given myself permission to eat all of these foods I never normally eat ?? and how will it make me feel afterwards ?? Can I ask for a healthier choice ?? Does the food support my training and does the training support my food ??? Make sensible choices with food - ask for what you want, not what you are given to choose from - they don't mind :) Are you hungry or just thirsty? – Try water first and wait 15 mins Do you really need to use the car?  You are on holiday - you don’t have to worry how long it takes you to get there and back :) does it ?? Have a great day :) & if you train on holiday - share the pictures :) L xx   Click Here For the latest Motivational Pictures Fresh from across the web  

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