Get Lucky Workout

Top O' The Morning to ya!  What's a holiday without a workout to go along with it, right?!  Here's something that you probably didn't know about me: I am part Irish!!  Therefore I am feeling pretty lucky today...are you???  So before we go out and celebrate our heritage and drink green beer and eat fish and chips, it's time to get our sweat on with this ab and lower body killer!!   St. Patrick's Day Workout (Abs & Lower Body) **Beginners : Complete 1 Round **Advanced : Complete 2 Rounds Set your timers for 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.  One time through this workout will be 17 minutes. 1.  10 High Knees to 10 Mountain Climbers 2.  Side to Side Knee Tucks (using Equilizers) 3.  Squat Jumps 4.  Woodchop (L) 5.  Woodchop (R) 6.  Skipping or High Knees 7.  Squat, Lunge, Kick (L) 8.  Squat, Lunge, Kick (R) 9.  Cross Under Mountain Climbers 10.  Burpee to Squat 11.  Weighted Hip Thrust 12.  Skipping or High Knees 13.  Weighted Step up, Kickback (L) 14.  Weighted Step up, Kickback (R) 15.  Toe Taps 16.  Reverse Curls 17.  C-Sit with Press   St.-Patricks-Day-      

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