How to Get Megan Fox's Fabulous Figure

Megan Fox is one of the most enviable actresses in Hollywood for her fierce attitude, stunning features and rockin' bod. But the star has openly admitted several times that a healthy lifestyle doesn't come naturally. Going to the gym is a struggle for her, and if she could choose between getting a tan and getting toned for a film, she'd prefer the former, but being in the spotlight comes with a certain stigma, and per her roles, she makes sure not to let her naturally fit body disappear. So what does she do? And how can we get it?! [bctt tweet="How to Get Megan Fox's Fabulous Figure"] Fox has been working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who has developed a 5 Factor Diet Plan for his clients, helping them to look their very best by shedding pounds. Fox incorporates Pilates, cardio and spinning into her workout sessions. And Pasternak implements circuit training to target her entire body. Fox does the circuit three times per week at 60 minutes a day. From crunches to hyperextensions, knee ups, lateral plank and swiss ball exercises, every muscle group is hit. And to ensure she sees results, Fox follows Pasternak's 5 Factor Diet, eating five small meals a day and allowing herself one cheat day. She also makes sure to stay away from processed foods like potato chips, white bread and crackers, and instead enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables. What are your thoughts on this diet and exercise plan? Source: Healthy Celeb  

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