Get ready for the 30 day challenge

I have a feeling this 30 day challenge is going to be a popular one with everyone desperate to lose any weight they gained over Christmas. But how can you prepare yourself for it? I'm not talking about how you can prepare your body because we are all at different levels. I mean that there are ways to prepare yourself so that you are less likely to quit part way through. 30_dayPRE One of the best things you can do is to take photos of yourself before you start. This way, if you are feeling a bit deflated and ready to throw in the towel you can just look at your before photos and see how far you have come, and this will inspire you to continue. It's also a great idea to stock your fridge and cupboards with the food you will need. Obviously because of expiry dates you won't be able to stock up for the whole challenge, but by having the food in the house this reduces the chance of you grabbing a chocolate bar with the excuse that you can't find anything to make a healthy lunch. The Daily Hiit 30 day challenge meal plan makes this so much easier as you can select your meals days ahead. 2819735-diet-healthy-food-studio-isolated Do make use of the meal plan. If you have already selected your meals for the day you can mentally prepare yourself for what you are going to eat rather than cruising through the day making whatever meal you fancy at the time. The meal plan allows you to be organised, but it is also for the reason that pre-selecting your meals will make you less likely to grab something 'bad' to eat between meals. You are more likely to eat healthily if you prepare as the majority of 'convenient' foods are not particularly good for you. Perhaps ask a friend or family member to complete the challenge with you. This doesn't have to be done together (in the same room), although obviously it can be. But just having someone you can discuss what you are going through with will help tremendously. Failing this, The Daily Hiit Facebook group and blog will be full of people feeling no doubt similar to you so check these out for moral support and some much needed motivation. Write down why you want to do this challenge. Is it to lose your Christmas weight? Is it to improve your health and fitness? Whatever your reason, if you write it down you can read it whenever you feel yourself wanting to give up. Nothing motivates you more than remembering why you started in the first place. Choose-This-Not-That-for-a-Better-Body-by-Katie-Humphrey Now you are ready for the challenge, so go for it. Give it all you've got and remember to take progress photos so that you can track your achievement.  

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