Get Ready for Winter with These Fitness Tips

Winter is just around the corner, meaning it's going to get increasingly difficult to get and stay in shape! Between the cold weather, the holidays, and the wonderful feasts, it's tough to avoid weight gain. Thankfully, we've got some tips to help you have a fit winter:
  • Find a routine that works -- It's tough to stay fit when the snow is deep and the wind is chilly, but that's where self-discipline comes in! Find a workout routine or plan that you enjoy, and one you can actually make work given your time, the weather, and the climate. Even if you do a workout at home, it's better than no workout!
  • Start the day right -- Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, you have an extra hour to sleep--or, if you're smart, to work out. Instead of letting yourself sleep in another hour, use the schedule change to get up early and get in a workout to start your day.
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  • Force it -- Even if you don't feel like working out this winter, make yourself do it! Don’t let up, not even the day after your heavy Christmas feast, New Year's Day, or during your holidays. It's not something you can put on hold, so don't let yourself get lazy this winter. It's all about your mindset!
  • Tackle a new challenge -- Want to feel like a champ this winter? Instead of sticking with your usual workout routine, take on a new challenge: CrossFit, Tabata, HIIT training, plyo workouts, etc. You'll have an incentive to keep working, as you'll be striving to reach a goal!
Follow these tips for a fit, productive winter!
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