Get Rid of Bloating and Water Retention With One Simple Trick

waterretention Many people, specifically in women, have excess fluid built up in their body, which can be very problematic. Many common symptoms include swelling of the feet, legs, ankles, bloating, and often fatigue. However, there are natural ways to reduce this problem and help you feel much better. For women this problem could be caused by their menstrual cycles, which may know can cause miserable bloating. If you also have a diet that is high in salts you may be at risk of water retention. The main problem with a salty diet is the lack of protein and vitamin B that you absorbed. Carrying excess water weight could lead to much bigger health problems. Believe it or not retaining too much water can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, or lung diseases. Diseases like this should not be ignored especially when it comes to women. There are many natural diuretics you can consume to reduce water retention.


– Cucumbers – Tomatoes – Asparagus – Lettuce – Green Tea – Coconut Water – Radishes – Onions – Horseradish – Watermelons – Dandelion Tea – Apple Cider Vinegar – Cranberry Juice


Each of the above natural diuretics has a very special use. All of which are great if you want to know how to get rid of excess water weight. For example, dandelion tea is high in potassium that is essential for flushing out extra water. Cucumbers, radishes, onions, watermelons, and horseradish all contain sulfur, which provides the body with important minerals. Vegetables like tomatoes and asparagus help support your kidneys and flush the body of toxins. Coconut water is great for providing your body with electrolytes. This will stop you from overindulging in sports drinks, and it also helps clear your body of excess water. Maintaining a healthy diet while incorporating these foods and drinks could make a difference in the way you feel. Next time you are feeling the affects of excess water remember what you have learnt here. All of the above foods and drinks are rather delicious as well. It’s not as if you will be forcing yourself to eat and drink certain things.


Keep in mind that exercise and eating well go hand in hand. You must make sure that when you are eating and drinking well you are exercising appropriately. Exercise also helps your body expel any excess water weight. Knowing very well that the problems excess water weight causes is very detrimental to your health you should exercise the knowledge you have gained here immediately. Next time you’re feeling bloated, or as if you are retaining too much water, go find yourself a few items that are on this list. I hope that this has helped, if your are feeling these symptoms now go out and get one of the items on this list. Make sure you buy organic products to spare your body of all the harmful chemicals that are pumped into common foods at the grocery store. The extra few bucks will do wonders for you health.   Reposted from: Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog at  

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