How to Get Rid of Pesky Side Cramps

That dreaded pain that hits your side when you're powering through your cardio workout. It's enough to defeat you. Why do we get these cramps? Why are our bodies punishing us for trying to keep fit? cramp There is a scientific term for side cramps: exercise-related transient abdominal pain. No one really knows how they form. But they're super common, with 70% of runners struggling with them. The solution? It comes down to your breathing pattern. When you're running, try inhaling for two steps and exhaling for three steps so inhalation will occur on your opposite foot. This will help balance your body's biomechanics. It is also important to wait two hours after eating before heading for a run. Digestion causes excess blood flow to the diaphragm (the muscle which expands and contracts with each breathe), which can result in pangs of pain. Running on a well digested meal or emptier stomach is safer. What about when you get struck down by one of these side stitching bad boys? As soon as you feel the pain, raise your arm up on the side of the cramp. Then place your raised hand on the back of your head. This will stretch your diaphragm and helps stop spasms from occurring in your abdomen. You can also try bending forward slowly while poking the cramped area with your fingers. As you do so, take long deep breathes with powerful exhales. This will ease up your tensed diaphragm. What tricks do you use to stop side cramps? Let us know!  

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