How to Get a Rockin' Booty

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere!  Everyone wants a #booty, but how do we get it?  Building a booty is a process.  We can’t just do a few squats and BAM! there’s our perfectly shaped and sculpted behind. So, how do we get a better, firmer, lifted, toned, booty?  Depending on body types, the length of time that it takes to mold and sculpt your gluteus maximus is different for everyone; personally, I am still working on sculpting that “perfect” booty.  Some people are blessed with amazing butts, no work required, but this is a rare occasion, so I put together a few exercises that will help you on your #buildabooty mission. The gluteal muscles are a group of four muscles.  Three of these muscles make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus muscles.  The fourth and smallest of the muscles is the tensor fasciae latae, which is behind and to the side (anterior, lateral) to the other three muscles.  The gluteus maximus, by its name, is the strongest muscle in the human body.  It is in charge of extending and rotating the hip laterally and extending back. (Side leg raises and kickbacks). bootyanatomy Now that you understand the anatomy of the #booty, it is time to focus on how to actually sculpt it. One factor to focus on during any exercise that involves the butt is to contract and engage the muscle.  There are many times that I find myself dropping down into a squat and then popping right up, without even thinking of engaging or using my butt to perform the exercise. Below are three exercises that are great for booty sculpting and when you actually slow the exercise down and engage the three main muscles of the behind, are ideal for molding your perfect, toned booty. 1.       Squats!  Yes, I am sure that you have heard this before, but Squats are like GOLD to a firm, strong butt.  Do them, and do them right.  Make sure to sit back into your heels as you lower down to the ground, past 90 degrees.  Once you are starting your ascent back to the top of the exercise, clench or contract your booty and use it to push your body up to top of the exercise, NOT YOUR LOWER BACK!

2.       One-legged Box Jumps: Be careful!  This exercise will get your legs fatigued, so be careful that you do not start to drag your foot and trip over the box! (Been there, done that!).  This exercise will work on sculpting all three of your major booty muscles and sculpting your hamstrings as well!  If you are just starting out, start on a very low box or even a platform that is just a couple of inches off the ground and work your way up!  As you jump up onto the box or platform, softly land into a small one-legged squat then either hop or step off from the platform.  


3.       Single Leg Kick Backs on Cable Machine: I LOVE this exercise!  Find a cable machine and place your leg through the loop and around your ankle, with the cable lowered all the way down to the floor.  Start with lighter weight and work your way up as your butt becomes stronger.  Switched between a flexed and pointed foot to work different areas of the booty.  Kick your leg back into an extended position and then back to start for one rep.  As with all of these exercises, keep the booty CONTRACTED!


 Can’t get to a gym to use weights or equipment?  NO PROBLEM!  Body weight squats, wall sits, single leg kick backs without a cable and box jumps are all great exercises to work that butt.  Remember, it does TAKE TIME to mold any part of your body and the butt is no exception!  Be patient and try to incorporate some type of booty exercise into all of your workouts. We LOVE to see progress photos, if you are just starting your booty journey, take a pic of your derriere and then work, work, work on strengthening and lifting your buttocks and when you are ready, show us your progress! Spring and Summer are closer than we think!  Winter is the PERFECT time to get working!  Don’t forget to contract and ENGAGE the booty on every repetition! Working to build my own booty, KC

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