How to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

Get the most out of your workouts  There is no doubt amongst the community members, or those of us behind the scenes, that BodyRock has changed over time. One of the largest changes being the addition and growth of The DailyHiit. Though there was a necessary transitional phase, you are such an incredible community of dedicated individuals that the acceptance and love of The DailyHiit seemed to come so easy. And we cannot thank you enough for that. You embrace every new adventure we embark on and most importantly, aren't afraid to speak up about where you want us to go next. We work hard to bring you nutritional guidance, new and exciting workouts, entertaining & informative blogs, challenges...and so much more. And when you're wanting more of one, we're so blessed that you SPEAK UP! Above all, we know that the ultimate goal for all of our BodyRockers is to get the most out of your workouts. And though the goal may be the same, the journey for each BodyRocker may be a bit different. We try and give you variety, while maintaining a structure to facilitate your progress.

You've got Lisa's 30 Day Challenge

  1379328_506127986144358_222275306_n Lisa works SO HARD to be your exclusive personal trainer for 30 straight days! She works out along side you in REAL TIME and is your gym partner for 30 days. For those of you already doing the challenge, there is no denying that Lisa is RIGHT there with you and is your biggest supporter! Even when it takes her until the wee hours of the morning to get those videos up, she pushes through. It's amazing to see all your progress and-post workout pictures and all of us are just absolutely thrilled with the dedication we've seen. If you HAVEN'T been doing the challenge, click here to start smashing it out every day with Lisa.   

You've got the Fry Fat Challenge

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In traditional BodyRock style, we're still bringing you new and exciting challenges. Every day you will have a kickass workout delivered to your inbox, complete with personalized message from Freddy and fantastic equipment offer from Sean. It's completely free and so easy to customize; add one round on to another workout, do all the rounds and really smash it out, or use the video as a great quick workout on a super busy day - whatever you'd like! Click here to sign up and start hiiting it! 

We package our equipment together so that you can hiit these workouts as hard as Sean and Lisa do. Right now we've got $20 Off the Fry Fat Trio. And as most of you would know by now, Lisa uses all three items ALL. THE. TIME. So this is a fantastic group to grab for her challenge too! We use the same essential equipment over and over so that you can do the same! Click here to pick up your Fry Fat Trio  or click here to get the Body Rock Complete Package & we'll throw in the nutrition guide FOR FREE.


Speaking of which, that's another element. Abs aren't only made in the gym, they're made in the kitchen too. We had so many requests for nutrition guidance that we wrote a book JUST FOR YOU.  You guys had been asking for the diet that we follow, and put it together in a simple and easy to follow quick-start guide that shows you exactly how Lisa and Sean eat to support their training and get maximum results from our workouts. And if you're hiiting the Fry Fat challenge right now, you'll get an exclusive discount code for the guide. Click here to pick yours up.


And we've started TONS of other great projects to bring you exactly what you've been asking for! We've got Melissa's awesome real-time workouts that we've received SO much positive feedback about and couldn't be happier. Click here to check out all her workouts. 

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We've even enlisted Hiit Blogger & registered nutritionist, Ciara Foy as our Hiit Nutritionist. Check out the first three videos in the Hiit Nutrition series! Click here for Part 1, here for part 2 and here for part 3. 

Hiit Nutrition

Is there something you want to see on BodyRock, but we don't have? Tell us! We had so many MommyRockers messaging us for pregnancy workout tips we started a whole new category for it!. Click here to check out all the posts.  Even Melissa has a post about how she lost her baby weight with Hiit! Click here to read Melissa's story.


Alright so what's the point of all this? The point is we want you to get the most out of your workouts in every way possible. Follow us on Facebook, Pin our workouts for later, Download the BodyRock App , it's all FREE so that you can get the most out of your workouts wherever and whenever you want!

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