Get Twice The Workout In Half The Time! We'll Tell You How!

Grace Miastkowski might just be a genius! While working out at home one day, she had an idea. She tied one end of exercise tubing to a dumbbell and the other end to the leg of her couch and she started doing curls.   "It was surprisingly difficult. I felt like I was really onto something," she says. And she really was. According to a study from Brigham Young University, this added resistance could help build three times as much strength as lifting weights alone! This means leaner, more toned muscles in less time. "You have to work harder to keep your body moving in a straight, steady line, so you really hit those hard-to-shape deep muscles," explains Scott Berlinger, the founder of Full Throttle Endurance Training in New York City. Berlinger took traditional dumbbell moves and kicked them up with some exercise tubing to give you a complete workout, head to toe! This is what he shared with Prevention: All you need are two lengths of exercise tubing and two sets of dumbbells. For each set, use the combination that makes you feel challenged but not exhausted by the time you reach your last rep. Do three workouts a week on nonconsecutive days, and do three sets of each exercise per workout: 8 reps the first set, 12 the second, and 15 the third. If you do it this way, your muscles can gradually learn the movements which will prevent injury. Rest no longer than 30 seconds between sets. Shoulder Press   A. Hold dumbbell with tubing in left hand and bend elbow so upper arm is parallel and forearm is perpendicular to floor, palm facing forward and band behind arm. Place right hand on hip. B. Straighten left arm and press dumbbell up toward ceiling, then lower. Do one set, switch sides, and repeat. Row   A. Hold dumbbell with tubing in left hand and stand with right foot about two feet in front of left foot. Bend right knee slightly and lean forward from hips. Place right palm on right thigh and straighten left arm. B. Bend left elbow back and pull dumbbell up to waist level, then lower. Do one set, switch arms and legs, and repeat. Ab Pull   Assume the Row starting position and bend left elbow slightly. Contract waist muscles and rotate torso to left, raising dumbbell toward ceiling (pictured). (The work should come mostly from abs, not arm or shoulder.) Do one set, switch sides, and repeat. Squat   Setup: Attach both ends of tubing around the center of a dumbbell. A. Stand with feet hip-width apart on top of center of tubing, holding dumbbell handle in both hands at about waist height so band is stretched. B. Bend knees and hips as if you were sitting back into a chair. Keep knees behind toes, then stand back up and repeat. Chest Crossover   Setup: Unhook one end of tubing from the dumbbell and attach it to another dumbbell. A. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and drape tubing over upper arms and across back. Raise arms out to sides with elbows bent slightly and palms facing in. (Roll any excess tubing around dumbbells to pull it taut.) B. Squeeze chest muscles and bring dumbbells toward center of body, crossing right wrist over left, then return to start. On next rep, cross left wrist over right. Continue alternating crossovers. Are you ready to get stronger in less time? Source: Prevention  

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