How to Get Over An Unforgettable Love

We react to lost love with a sort of obsession. Every moment we shared becomes like an old movie replaying our minds. We swim so deep in lost love sometimes that we almost drown. Our former happiness hangs out in the text messages we just can't bring ourselves to delete, haunting us with reminders of how things used to be.

Our friends, family and articles on Google all preach overly peppy, emotionally fixes. "Get out there!" "Go to the bar!" "Date a new guy!" None of these, albeit horrible suggestions, do any sort of good and leave us more sad then we already were to begin with. Where is "out there", by the way? Am I expected just to walk out my front door and be thrown into a better reality here?

So how to we pick ourselves up and start to move forward from that one love we cherished so dearly?

Start by slowing down. What I mean is, don't rush yourself to get over someone by a certain deadline. Cry, let the angry and pain and loneliness full exit your body. Otherwise every new relationship will be unfairly marked by past resentment.

Keep moving and living and focusing on you. You're still alive, healthy and full of potential. Do some soul searching to explore your inner most desires, and realize your most powerful fears. You'll begin to see your lost love as less of a heartbreak and more of a learning curb in the end.

What are some ways you have gotten over your lost love? Share your stories with us!

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